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Small Batch - Toronto neighbourhood honey

This is a labour of love. Extracting small batch honey by neighbourhood is a slow process which must be done by hand. The result is certainly worth the extra effort. You have to taste this!


This neighbourhood features mature trees lining residential streets with large back yard gardens tended by avid gardeners. The deciduous tree canopies of Earl Bales Park and York Cemetery are also within the flight path of our three backyard apriaries in Willowdale.

Tasting Notes

This delicate honey has a syrupy mouth feel and offers subtle herbaceous and jasmine floral notes rounded out with beeswax, caramel and brown sugar finish. 


With a tree canopy like no other in the city, and plenty of tended gardens as well as natural habitat, waterfront and hiking trails, this neighbourhood offers  consistently strong Spring and Summer honey flows. Our three apiaries in Guildwood are situated in well-tended back-yard gardens. 

Tasting Notes

This medium bodied honey has a lively offering of pine resin and hay mixed with apricots, prunes and figs and smooths into a confectionary finish of toffee and corn syrup. 

Old Town

Perched above the city on rooftops of office towers, our three Old Town apiaries offer a juxtaposition of agriculture at the heart of an urban financial centre, with stunning views! With parkettes, waterfront, and the Toronto Islands for forage, it's amazing to see how nature can thrive in the heart of our city. 

Tasting Notes

Rich amber colour, full bodied and chewy mouth feel. This honey is big and bold, with a nose of incense and leather. It reveals toasted nuts, cloves and nutmeg as it opens up, and finishes with prunes, cooked raisins, molasses and burnt sugar. 


Bordered on the West by the Don River Valley, this mature and densely populated neighbourhood offers a variety of natural habitat and backyard gardens for the bees to forage.  Our two apiaries in Riverdale are kept on terraces, and thrive in this vibrant part of the city. 

Tasting Notes

Resin on the nose, this medium bodied honey opens with caramelized bananas and crème brûlée giving way to toasty notes with hazel nut and finishes with a gentle tease of cinnamon and sassafras spice.


Bounded by the Don River on one side and Taylor Massey Creek on the other, this triangular-shaped neighbourhood offers an abundance of natural habitat and native plant species for our honeybees and other pollinators to forage. Backing onto the Taylor Creek ravine, our backyard apiary in O'connor-Parkview is set in a stunning garden paradise. 

Tasting Notes

With a chewy mouth feel this medium bodied honey stimulates the palate, opening with mixed citrus, ginger, cardamom and thyme, and finishes gracefully with cedar, mixed floral and dried raisins. 


A rich assembly of natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes, Rouge National Urban Park is home to amazing biodiversity, some of the last remaining working farms in the Greater Toronto Area, Carolinian ecosystems, and one of the region’s largest marshes. Situated on the rooftop of a warehouse that's just a short bee flight from the park, our Rouge apiary enjoys strong honey flows throughout the season. 

Tasting Notes

Honey from this neighbourhood shows distinct variation between early and late summer harvests, with later harvests yielding more robust flavour. Full bodied, with bay leaf and rosemary on the nose it opens to tobacco and truffle rounded out by a maple and burnt sugar finish.  


Home to Hillcrest Park, Wychwood Barns Park and just a short bee flight to other tree-fill green spaces such as Nordheimer Ravine, Wychwood is an enchanting neighbourhood with stately homes and well-kept gardens. With one backyard apiary and one low-rise rooftop apiary in the neighbourhood, we thoroughly enjoy keeping bees in this central neighbourhood. 

Tasting Notes

Medium bodied with initial hints of clover and lavender to excite the palate. The finish is gentle, with fig, dried fruits and marshmallow.

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