Save the bees!


When you sponsor a honeybee hive we install and operate it in a Toronto neighbourhood, and provide you with the honey it produces that year. We will even invite you to visit the hive for a beekeeping session!


We use sustainable beekeeping methods, including organic treatment where necessary, and absolutely no pesticides! Our honey is unflitered and unpasteurized, so it is as close to nature as you will find. 


Sponsor a hive!

We will:

  • Find a Toronto neighbourhood honeybee host for the hive
  • Purchase & install the hive
  • Operate the hive using sustainable organic methods
  • Extract and package the raw honey
  • Label the honey according to neighbourhood of origin

You receive:

  • Regular status updates
  • A beekeeping session with Registered Beekeeper
  • (Up to) 10 cases of honey 
  • One-year membership in Bee Local 416 


  • Available