Toronto Honey

Unlike honey that is typically available on supermarket shelves, our honey is raw and natural. This means that all the delicate flavours of the flowers remain intact. 


All natural honey will turn solid, or crystallize. In order to preserve nutrients and flavour, we do not flash heat our honey to keep it liquid. To reliquify, place the jar in warm water.


Our honey is unfiltered so it is as close to nature as you will find. We use a natural settling process in which wax and propolis particles are allowed to rise to the top before the honey is bottled. Raw honey typically contains small wax particles and pollen. 


Our bees forage on wildflowers, and our honey is extracted in small batches, so each jar can have a new flavour palate reflecting the wildflowers that were in blossom the season it was harvested.


Quality, raw honey should not just be sweet, you should smell the perfume and taste the bouquet of flowers it was collected from. 


We're sure you will find this to be the most delicious honey you have ever tasted.Enjoy our honey in tea, on toast, drizzled over yogurt, in salad dressing, or just straight from the jar!


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Bon Appétit!