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  • Pure. Oatmeal + Honey Body + Face Soap – unscented

    We are pleased to offer a special soap from Skipping Stone, made with Bee Local 416 honey! Pure. Oatmeal+Honey Body+Face Soap is a handcrafted soap...
  • Natural Beeswax Lip Balm

    Petroleum may make a good lubricant for vehicles and machinery, but why put it on your mouth when there are beautiful natural products available...
  • Small Batch - Toronto neighbourhood honey

    This is a labour of love. Extracting small batch honey by neighbourhood is a slow process which must be done by hand. The result is certainly worth...
  • How many bees are there in Toronto?

    There are over 350 species living within the GTA. These vary from large and quite scary looking Virginia Carpenter bees that nest, mostly alone, in...
  • Should I worry about bee stings?

    Misconceptions & myths about bees and the fear of getting stung

  • How It's Made: Comb Honey

    How it's made: Comb honey, also referred to as honeycomb, is the purest form of honey as it is unprocessed and straight from the hive.